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2018 Oasis Otters LC Twilight Encouragement Meet

05/05/2018 - 05/05/2018
Dandenong Oasis
Oasis Otters Swimming Club Inc
Oasis Otters Swimming Club
Entries closed 30/04/2018 17:30

Meet Information

Welcom to Oasis Otters Swimming Club 2018 annual Twilight Encouragement Meet. 

The meet is open to all Swimming Victoria registered swimmers and none registered swimmers from all the swimming schools.

All Swimming Victoria registered competitive swimmers can enter the meet through ClubLane online entry portol.

None-competitive swimmers and un-registered swimmers from swimming schools can enter the meet through the online entry web site The instruction of using AnotherPB online portal is on our Meet Flyer.

Meet entry close on 5:30 PM 30/04/2018

You can more details Twilight Encouragement Meet Page.


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