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2018 ACT Winter Development Meet 1

06/05/2018 - 06/05/2018
AIS Canberra
Lorraine Wuth
Entries closed 01/05/2018 22:00

Meet Information

200m events are restricted to swimmers aged 9 and over.

Swimmers may only enter events in which they have NEVER achieved the Break Time (BT) indicated in the program in a short or a long course swim (except for swimmers aged 10 and over who may enter an event as an exhibition swimmer if they have not qualified for the 2018 ACT Short Course Championships for that event and there are no alternative Qualifying Meets available at which they could enter the event prior to the close of entries for the ACT Short Course Championships. Such swims shall not attract Series Points).

25m Events

Swimmers may only enter a 25m event if they have never swum a longer distance in that stroke at any meet (including club night and school meets) where the time achieved has been recorded as an official time. Any swimmer entering a 25m event cannot enter a longer distance in that stroke at this meet.

Multi-class swimmers may enter 25m events regardless of age or other restrictions.


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