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29/03/2019 - 29/03/2019
Mingara Aquatic Centre
Mingara Aquatic SC
W Ward
Entries closed 28/03/2019 23:59

Meet Information

Week 9: You must choose 3 events only.

Each stroke may only be swum ONCE per night.

Kickboard: 25m - will be swum with the backstroke ENTER via event 5

Freestyle: 15m or 25m or 50m or 100m

Backstroke: 25m or 50m  Note: 25m swimmers choose 25m back or 25m kick

Breaststroke: 25m or 50m or 100m

Back or Breast or IM: 200m


Note: Swimmers taking part in a 200m race must have a family member available to timekeep their race.


Please refer to the 'Progression Guidelines' detailed on the Club Night Program information before entering an event. Remember it is strongly recommended that swimmers only enter an event if they have swum the corresponding short event in the time indicated, or better than that time.

For further information about this event, please contact us

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